Homba Den    
Homba Den! You'll never find a more wreched hive of scum and villany!
Homba Den started in 1991 after fall coronation with some friends siting around talking about the event. Originally it's goal was to help patch up a riff between some groups of friends. After thinking that it didn't help, they decided that the house hold would not play in the political games. Well we did that and in a few years where one of the most active house holds in AnCrosairé. Well as anything else, time changes things. Though the faces have changed some, Homba Den still has quite an active group of people in Trimaris, holding many offices and positions. We embrace our individuality and work great alone or in small groups, but the few times we have put forth the effort to try and plan a large group event it has worked out wonderfully if not a bit hectic. Some of the Den are mostly inactive now but aside from us all being family to each other, the other thing that keeps us together are the rings. Seven they are, and seven they will always be. The rings of honor, the rings of chivalry.
ahhh shit..... (sorry just a joke)
Each one as inportant as the one beside it, for a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.
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