The SCA for short, is a Middle ages reenactment group that I am a member of. I first started going in 1991 I am now Constable of An Crosaire a Barony in the Kingdom of Trimaris. There are lots of things to do in the SCA. Everything from the Fighting arts to sewing. I have done most of my own costuming, I've done some leather work, archery, cooking, herbal medicines, worked on making steel armor, helped make catapults, medieval dancing, singing, telling of tales, and as of Hoggetowne Faire in February of 1997 armored combat. In the SCA we have what is known as house holds. They are unoffical groups of people that gather together for some reason. Some are for fighting, some for the arts, well I am in two, Homba Den and House de Barfleur. I joined both house holds out of freindship. Homba Den was the first I joined and will always be the most important to me. It will be because they are the first people that I became FAIMLY with. They will always be in my heart, and with me. If you would like to see some pics of me and my friends in costume go to my Photo Page

I have bin doodling for as long as I can remember. I took several art classes in high school, as well as going to my mom's oil painting class every now and then. Most of the art I have done I have gotten rid of, ether given to someone or messed up after being stored to long so i tossed it out. I have a few things. I will put things for display in my photo gallery when I can get them in the computer.
I started Judo when I was about 7 years old and continued with it up till I was 18. In the summer of 1992 after I graduated from Buchholz high school. I went to Colorado and joined the national Judo team. When I came back from it I had burnt out on Judo. I have tried many other stiles Ti kuan Do, Jujitsu, Ishinru, and others. nun of them held my interest like Judo had done, until I got in to armor and put a rattan sword in my hand.
I started playing Dungeons & Dragons when I was 9. We had a new nextdoor neighbor and there was a boy that was about 3 years older then me. He introduced me and my two brothers to it. Bruce (my older brother by 5 years) could not get into it, but Jaime (my younger brother by 1.5 years) and I really got into it. I have continued playing them Jaime has not. I now play AD&D, White Wolf, GURPS, Shadow Run, Champions, and gust about anything ells I can get my hands on.
This can be a fun game. Just three nights after moving into my new place a friend of mine hit a dear in her car. so the next day we skinned and cut it up in the back yard. We got lots of weird looks from the neighbors. at my last place I would work on my armor on the porch, they would walk by and ask what I was doing as I pounded dents out of my armor I explained to them how I got them then would show them the bruises from where I got hit and dint have armor. Please note that this is purely an incidental game anyone can freak out neighbor if they really try. I don't really mean to startle or scar them it gust happens some times. I have even had neighbor that would call me if they thought that someone was casing the apartment and ask if I could check it out with one of my swords or something. It's just kind of funny to see others reactions to the things you do every day.
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